Like the steel Z that supports the bridge over the deep blue ‘zee’ (‘sea’ in Dutch), this aptly named company can carry a great load with grit and energy.

Current market conditions posed by the downturn in the economy have only served to inspire Blue Zees to conduct business more creatively and transform challenges into opportunities. The company’s newest development project involves a joint venture with an established cinema operator and a property owner to construct and manage a Cineplex in a neighborhood where there is no theater. If you have a recession-proof business or a great idea that needs a home, Blue Zees could be the perfect joint venture partner, bringing investment and development expertise to the table at a time when property sales prices are depressed and values abound.

Blue Zees is poised to take advantage of consulting opportunities resulting from the emerging new municipal, state and national priorities, including green building technologies, educational and institutional sector expansion, zoning changes which facilitate residential conversions, and so on. If you are building a charter school, an assisted living facility, or an energy efficient townhouse, or if you simply want to build your dream home, Blue Zees is already up to speed on what you may need.

In the area of equity financing, Blue Zees has recently ventured into bridge-lending and equity investing in projects large and small. If your deal, initially well-funded, is now suffering from more stringent banking requirements or negative pressure on current equity participants, Blue Zees could make the critical difference and help bring the project to completion.

If you’ve succeeded in bringing a project recently to market and are in need of property management assistance, or if your established building is ready for a change in management personnel, Blue Zees offers a full array of management services including punch list satisfaction, interior and exterior maintenance, and owner/tenant communications.

With new technologies and market conditions affecting the brokerage landscape, boutique marketing and sales has become a viable alternative to working with the big firms. Blue Zees has a proven track record of success in selling and leasing properties even in these tough times. If you want to devise and implement a marketing strategy for your project, or if you simply need advice on how best to negotiate contracts in today’s environment, the principals of Blue Zees, one of whom has been a licensed real estate broker in New York for over twenty years, can help.

Beyond real estate, the principals of Blue Zees are engaged in several other ventures ranging from the creation of Manhattan’s first winery to support for the city’s most popular Ice Hockey/Figure Skating venue. At Blue Zees, you don’t just get pencil pushers—these are dynamic, resourceful, generous participants in the process of building a better future.